Be Encouraged and survive


Alright!!! This is an exceptional write-up

While on the PC this evening an old song in my playlist “I need you to survive” by Hezekiah Walker popped up and in same spirit I thought of encouraging someone out there.

We are in a country a lot is going on and can make someone lose sanity especially the sincere citizens , however I am here to say “Don’t give up”

Sanity is a painful thing to maintain here, from offices to even the church … My brother /sister its everywhere.

Sorry to say , I question the faith of almost all the top pastors in the country…

However, one day I will meet them and they hear it.

But today my dedication is to encourage every youth/teen in my own little way.

I know you have heard and read about this same thing over and over… However, I need you to survive.

When I say survive , I don’t just mean you shouldn’t die quick, or you should BLOW fast…

When I say survive I mean keep your same original sane self while making it to the top.

It’s extremely tough out there, students are dropping out of school(I am a testimony), strike delaying graduation, after graduation NO JOBS…

you are involved in a trade but you can’t even focus because no capital and even though you could raise the money, various needs come knocking at the door as you take care of yourself and probably the breadwinner of your family…

You can’t even concentrate because you are responsible for many things…

Yes!!! it’s sad.

Few days ago I was playfully answering a chemistry paper someone was dictating to me and I was shocking I was answering everything correctly at a go.

This is same thing life has made me abandon for years, I said if I can do this then why won’t I be a potential first class student if things were a little smooth.

I am going to school like I am joking … I see textbook only day before exams and without lectures… In all I still do well as the stingy candidate as always.

God I am grateful and you should be grateful as well.

Let me confess that you are doing well…

There are people with all the money who couldn’t pass waec or jamb.

They were given sweet paying jobs but can’t deliver.

But you in your current state , you are still passing, you are still making money … I don’t care if its 2k you make in a week selling pure water because you potentially sell more than that.

You are only in a situation that you didn’t bargain for.

You are in Nigeria where no one cares about developing talents,no facilities to do what you do effectively but yet you are still progressing.

Yes!!! Government houses are filled with self-centered men with no track records for humanity, hence writing to them is a dead end.

I saw with my physical eyes a craft of a Nigerian that can contain someone ,float on water ,fly in the air and move on the road… In Abuja where the elites are , no one could even invest in his Life because they have no vision .

So you see why I give you a big thumbs up because despite all, You are the best thing that has happened to the world….

Just keep your original self in the same spirit and do what you do… It’s only a matter of time.

Be encouraged

Be inspired!

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