The Essential Knowledge to Get Started


Getting started


Welcome to this awesome Piano Beginners Course. I am so glad you have chosen to embark on this journey and I strongly believe after completing my course you will get yourself familiar with the piano.

It’s Very vital to know the essentials you need to get started. Just like you trying to explore the Polar Regions of the World for the first time you would definitely need to know the necessary kits you need to ensure you don’t get frozen by the climate there.

In the world of Music and Learning the Piano instrument in particular here are few necessities to get you started:

  1. Get your Piano/Keyboard: Purchasing your personal Piano/Keyboard will take you a long way in achieving your dream of playing it fluently. It’s your instrument of practice hence you need it. You can Purchase new Yamaha keyboards, fairly used ones of brands like Yamaha, Roland or Casio or better still if for any reason you can afford it then you will have to borrow from a friend or use your church piano on permission from the Music director or Pastor just to ensure you Practice all that is being taught here.
  2. Read/Write/Listen: Reading, Writing and Listening are irreplaceable when it comes to learning. You must learn to source for more information on whatever you read here. Read extensively and ask me questions in class and online regularly to ensure you grab the whole concept of what is being taught here. Write down your own notes on concepts covered and highlight vital points. In the aspect of listening please listen to good music. It’s unfortunate that most songs are noisy. Listening to simple Rock songs, Contemporary Christian music etc. will go a long way in helping you learn faster here. You can search for songs of those categories by using the Google search “contemporary Christian music download”. You might not understand what is being played in those songs right now but mere listening to them will help in understanding music patterns and if you remember how you learnt English language you will notice you didn’t improve your vocabulary only by reading and writing in school but as you kept hearing it on the streets you were unconsciously improving and adapting to the Language.
  3. Practice: Everything learnt without constant Practice will definitely leave you one-day and that is why having your Personal piano was mentioned earlier. Inasmuch as I guarantee you success using my course, I can’t guarantee that without practice you will gain your familiarity and fluency on the keyboard. You might have all the ideas I taught you stacked in your brain but without practicing them they are totally useless.


Other things I will like to highlight is that you need to have your practice kits a Multimedia devices like phones, Mp3 players or DVD player and also headphones for your Keyboard. Headphones for your keyboard will help especially when practicing at night.

Lastly, please trim all long finger nails as it won’t help you in pressing the keys of the keyboard effectively.

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