Let’s Rotate on the Circle of 4ths


The 12 keys drill

This is the starting point for a drill on the circle of 4ths. You will simply play the keys one after the other as the circle points out. At the end you will discover you have played all the 12 keys.

We will do this starting with the right hand and finally on the left. You might want to use both hands at the end… try it out if you have the guts.

Remember our Metronome is what we use for accurate practice. A note press for each click of the metronome.
If you can’t recollect what metronome is, please visit the “The Power of a Metronome” page before you proceed…
Now on your metronome set the number of beats or counts to 3 and set it to speed of 50bpm.
Remember we must start learning slowly before making things fast and that’s what this metronome will help us achieve.

At low speed of 60bpm.

Let’s start playing the notes one after the other. Start with your right hand and once you get it well you can move it over to the left.

Play …


You did it.
Now you can raise the speed to 70bpm and practice perfectly.
Raise the speed again to 80bpm-90bpm-100bpm until you reach the maximum you can.
However to be more accurate at higher speeds “fingering” will play a vital role. So I came up with a video for this so that you see how my fingering might help you…

each finger works for the respective note following the order below:


Left hand fingering

Right hand fingering

Example: C is played by the little finger (5) on the left-hand while thumb (1) plays C on the right-hand.

That’s the fingering for each hand starting from C (12 o’clock) to C again.

As we progress I will keep bringing up more drills on the circle of 4ths to expand your knowledge and improve your practice.

Keep practicing…

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