Locate Keys with Speed


Keys Part 2 (locating keys)

Being able to locate and name keys quickly is one of those qualities of a good pianist. It shows you are familiar with your instrument.

However, as a beginner there are certain tricks you might need to know and practice to be able to locate keys much more easily.

First of all remember that we have 12 unique keys on the piano of which the other keys above it are mere repetition.

Secondly Identify the two’s and three’s black keys.

 The first key in two’s group is Db or C#

The key before C# is C.

Key F# or Gb is the first black key on the three’s group


The key before F# is F

In summary the two most common keys on the piano are C and F.

Key C comes before the two’s black while key F comes before the three’s black.

As easy as this seems it has proved to be worth learning in terms of being able to locate and name keys with speed and ease.

Try using those tricks and you will be glad you did.

***Watch Video Tutorial

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