Minor chords can replace the Major chords


Using minor chords to substitute major chords


Monotony is never appealing in music, even after knowing how to compliment using minor chords, there is something your mind keeps telling you…

Okay I know this … Anything else?

Yes there is more, however we will stop at substitution today.

To substitute means to replace a thing with something else.

In music “Chord substitution” means replacing a chord with another.

You can use minor chords to replace major chords and vice versa

But since we have been playing major chords long enough we will want to replace some existing major chords with appropriate minor chords.


Why is this necessary?

At times even the presence of an influential personality might not work smoothly, you have to eradicate some elements or else that important personality might lose his/her integrity too.

A rich man won’t want to dine with a mad-looking man especially with cameras on.

This applies to music too. At times the only option left is elimination and substitution so as to revive the music back.


Enough Joe!!! Show me how…

Lol alright I will show you how in 60secs or more.

We substitute major chords with its relative minor chords

To get a relative minor chord of an existing major chord, you simply pick a minor chord that is 3 and half steps (3 semitones) below a major chord.

For example: Amin chord is the relative minor chord of the Cmaj chord because it is 3 halfsteps below C.

Exercise: What is the relative minor chord of the Fmaj chord?


Hope you got the logic?

Now all we are saying here is substitute that major chord chord with its relative minor chord. So, for the chord chord progression below we will substitute the Cmajor chord with its relative minor chord Aminor…

Cmajor-Fmajor-Cmajor-Gmajor (all major chords)

Aminor-Fmajor-Aminor-Gmajor (minor chords inserted-substitution)

Now you just got a cool way of transforming those boring progressions to a real exciting one.

Here is another example:

Cmaj-Gmaj-Cmaj-Fmaj-Gmaj-Cmaj (all majors)

Cmaj-Emin-Amin-Dmin-Gmaj-Cmaj (substitution)

We changed three major chords there with their respective relative minor chords and it made the second chord progression more appealing.

In summary, make use of compliments as well as substitutes. There are no limits in music it all boils down to creativity, don’t overdo a concept hence use them interchangeably and keep the crowd guessing yet captivated.

An approach like this could work

Original major chords —>>> Substitutions —>>> Compliments —>>> Original major chords.

As far as I am concerned you are playing the same song but merely using different concepts per time.

See ya later.



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