What are Music Building Blocks?


Basic Elements of Music

We have three basic elements of Music. Music isn’t really complete without all these elements. If anything is missing, I will call it ill-music. But a real healthy music must contain all these elements; they are the building blocks of music.

We highlighted them earlier from our definition of music

“Music simply means organized/pleasant sounds in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of RHYTHM, MELODY and HARMONY.”

…culled from dictionary.com

Hence, the 3 building blocks of music are;

  1. Rhythm
  2. Melody
  3. Harmony

Let’s explain each element:

  1. Rhythm: Rhythm is a very key element in music because it deals with timing of anything you play on the piano. Most times the percussionists/drummers are responsible for making the rhythm more pronounced but even when there is no drummer around, you are still playing your music to a particular rhythm depending on the style of music you are playing. It might be rock, reggae or salsa etc.
  2. Melody: The melody is the recognizable tune of the song that is being sung. In churches where hymns are sung, the lead vocalist raises the tune (Melody) of the song before others including me will join. There are times where the pianist only will play while everyone remains calm; the pianist plays mainly the melody at such times to keep the song going. As a pianist in the making you should understand that it’s the notes of the scale you will play at such times in a well-organized sequence (rhythm).
  3. Harmony: Harmony is yet another powerful element of Music. A harmony is created whenever two or more notes combine to form a chord. These chords are what create a very rich and full sound whenever you play. Your proficiency in creating nice sounding harmonies will go a long way in helping you achieve your dream of becoming great on the piano.

As a performing pianist most times you will be required to play chords (Harmonies) with your left hand while you play melodies with your right hand. Lastly, you keep the beat (Rhythm) counting in your head.

Well, I have been saying notes, scales, and chords. You wonder what they really mean but don’t worry because I’m going to expose all to you in no time.

As Concise as this topic on the elements of music looks you should be aware that all these are very wide concepts in music and that is what this entire course is all about. It will be broken into invisible segments of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony where I will teach you in-depth about each with Necessary Theories behind them as well as showing you real-time practical and drills . Let’s move on.

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