Music is a Language


Music as a language

Consider this paragraph now. It consists of Alphabets which form words and then words that forms sentences.

Music has Alphabets too, it’s called a scale.

In English Language, we have letters A-Z.  But in Music it is A-G.

Each letter from the music scale is called a note.

Notes from the scale are put together to form chords. Chords are like words in English Language (now I think that rhymes!).

Group of well-organized chords forms what we call Chord progression. Chord progressions (musical sentences) are like sentences in English Language.

And for every complete song (music) which passed a message to the audience is like a full English comprehension.

Amazing isn’t it?

So, music is like a language but to me it is a Language.

In summary,

Complete English Alphabets A-Z = Music Scale A-G

Words = Chords

Sentences = Chord Progressions

Group of sentences = Song or Complete music piece.

Please read this over and over until you understand the comparison well enough.

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