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No matter how disappointed I am with all that’s happening in my country, I still believe in it and I am huge fan till the end.

Believe me or not , Nigeria is one of the most envied African nation on earth.

Yes the government has not played a nice role in developing it neither has yahoo boys spoken well however I still believe in the potentials I see around.

We have produced many talents even though the conditions are not favorable.

That’s why I still stand with the individuals of this nation.

See success is not measured by what you have done alone but by what you have done compared to what you could do.

There is no way you can fault the efficiency of a lame man because you ran with two feet and got to the finish line before he did…

The crippled man is the winner if he was half journey before you reach that finish line.

So I am not disappointed…

Yes I understand, how we humans jump from one football club to another (I was an Arsenal fan in JSS2 but stopped supporting football clubs then) especially when the club is messing up compared to other clubs…

Well I ain’t in football no more… And this is life not football in essence

So sometimes try to check what is really happening first critically, only then you will learn to appreciate what you have.

Love your identity gracefully… Everything you are , you are beautifully made.

Funny how people change names,age,location etc especially on social media simply because they feel what they are is not good but that’s not healthy… Think big but never hate you.

Learn value yourself and you will see the benefits.

Yes back to the NATION again… I will talk more on how we could get better especially for we the youths.

Be Inspired!

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