Piano Overview


Know Your Piano

The Piano is basically a music instrument with numerous numbers of black and white keys. Each of the keys produces a distinct sound.

The lower Part of the piano sounds more deep and low while the upper parts sound tiny and high.

We basically have two types of Pianos based on cost, portability and power source.

  1. The Grandpiano
  2. Electronic Keyboards

The Grandpiano is a manual instrument that doesn’t need electricity to play and it’s very costly to purchase. The Grandpiano is a stationary instrument i.e. it’s not to be moved frequently just like your office desk.

Here is an image example of a typical Grandpiano.

The Electronic Keyboards on the other hand are very portable, fairly affordable and electric powered.

The Electronic Keyboard is what I recommend every new student to purchase ranging from brands like Yamaha (NEW) or Roland and Casio (FAIRLY USED).

Here is an image sample of a Yamaha Keyboard

Pianos and Keyboards comes in different sizes and number of keys may vary. There 88keys, 76keys ,61keys and also 49keys keyboard depending on your choice but I recommend 61 keys keyboard for Students.

It’s necessary that at this stage you have to be aware that despite the variety of sizes and keys of keyboards there are only 12 keys to cater for. Which consist of 5 blacks and 7 whites.

When you start counting from the beginning of a keyboard you will notice that after counting the first 12, the next 12 are repetition of the previous 12. If you keep going up 12, 12 you will keep repeating what you have counted previously.

All these will be explained better in the upcoming lessons. See you there!!!

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