How to play all 12 Major scales


Proper Finger techniques for all 12 Major Scales on both hands

To know how to place our fingers to play any kind of the scale (I would show you other scales as you proceed) ,you will need to know how your fingers are numbered on piano.

Piano finger numbers

thumb = 1

pointer = 2

middle finger = 3

ring finger = 4

pinky = 5


Hope you get that and please don’t forget that in a hurry!!!


Here is the Finger chart for both left and right hand major scales.

Now let me show you how to use the charts (I will use key C for easy reference)

The C major scale is C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C


Now, to play it using the interpretation from the finger chart.


Hope you got it?

Try Ascending and descending…

That was easy right?

But you are going to learn all the 12 major scale with finger placement.


Don’t “Ehnnn me” because it’s very easy than you thought it was.

Just look at the chart again.

You will see that some keys on left and right share some finger placements.

Keys like C, D, E, F, G share the same finger placement on left hand.

Some keys do same thing on the right as well and this will help you memorize their patterns easily.

So, the greatest part of this lesson will depend on how much you practice.

Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

Till today I am still practicing this, so do likewise.

Make sure you understand how I interpreted the chart and if you are not clear about your interpretation of the finger placement for other keys please don’t hesitate to comment here including your interpretation.

Okay, okay look at them here…

I wish you good-luck!!!

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