sow wisely

You see that groundnut? In 2001 it was five naira. But today it is #50…

It tells you that things ain’t getting better at all because people of the ’60s and ’80s will tell you that in 2001 it was costly for #5.

So imagine what will happen in 2050

The only thing we can do right now is to work so that the works of our hands will be blessed. Say no to slothfulness!!!

Anything that isn’t adding value or positivity to you, please desist from it and pursue things that are beneficial.

Read books,watch videos ,listen to audios that constantly build you in your craft, mingle with like minds and stay away from negativity addicts.

YouTube is there, edx is there, eduonix, Alison,coursera and the host of them are there. Build your capacity intellectually especially when the finance isn’t there to execute your dreams yet.

Just be charging and touch lives in your humble way… When preparation meets opportunity, its a big win for you.

Praying for fuel price to reduce to #65 won’t necessarily work, rather work towards building your capacity so that even if it gets to #200 you won’t be moved.

While doing so also device means to provide jobs for your fellow youths/teens… Give them ideas, feed them with something meaningful and save the nation as a whole.

Owe no man nothing but to love them and if you really love people you will give them your best.

Your purpose fulfilled is an open door to many.

Just as Dr Myles , john c maxwell, Brian Tracy etc have impacted me through their books,videos and audios, so also you will impact people’s lives positively

To every youth out there, I respect you especially when you have something doing… I don’t care if it’s pure water you sell, it’s honorable. Your hands and mind are blessed.

Develop the entrepreneurship spirit in you.

Do legit business and be diligent.

Be inspired!

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