The Chromatic Scale


What is Chromatic Scale?

I was first intimidated by the name when I first saw it but this stuff is too easy to comprehend.

A Chromatic scale simply mean a scale of intervals of semitones (formula: S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S) i.e playing notes one after the other in a series of semitone movements.

Here is your big secret…

“Simply play all the 12 keys on piano till you are tired”


Each note of this scale is separated by a semitone (half-step)

Note also that you can decide when and where you want to stop or you could finish the piano at your wish. However if you are starting and ending on “D” then you just played the “D chromatic scale” but if you started on “F” and ended “F” then it’s an “F chromatic scale”. Just hope you got the logic behind this.

To make your fingers run accurately and faster on Chromatic scales, you will need to know the finger pattern.

Proper fingering for Chromatic Scale

Now it might not be easy to play this real fast and accurately because you don’t know the strategic fingering like I showed you in major scales and minor.

But here I will help you achieve this by showing you how to place your fingers.

I suffered to get this because after series of experiments I finally got it.

So I am showing you this without sweating and I am glad about that…

We are starting the scale from C.

Please remember your finger numbers again.

[Key name = fingering]

C = 2(pointer)

Db = 3 (middle finger)

D = 1 (thumb)

Eb = 3

E = 1

F = 2

F# = 3

G = 1

Ab = 3

A = 1

Bb = 3

B = 1

C = 2


That’s the finger chart for both hands.

So this speeds you up and if you master it you would never have to look at your piano when playing it.

It doesn’t matter which key you are starting from, just look at the chart again and know the finger that corresponds to the key you want to start with and play till infinity.

Three rules you abide by here is:

  • You can only play black notes with the number 3 finger (middle finger) on both hands.


  • You use the 2nd finger (pointer) ONLY when you have two white keys next to each other i.e no black key between them (like E-F and B-C)


  • For every other white note, you will use your thumb.


My thumbs up for you!

You rock!!!

Next upcoming is the “The Power of a Metronome “.


Go check it out!!!


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