The Power of a Metronome


The time Machine (Rhythmic aspect of music)

Time is a very key factor of our daily activities whether in school, church or just in completing basic tasks at home.

Timing is also important in music as well.

In this lesson, we will use the concept of timing to gain accuracy and speed in playing scales.

The Metronome

The metronome is the clock of music. It still works like the normal clock system but the difference is that its speed (Tempo) can be manipulated as well as its threshold too.

The seconds hand of a normal analogue clock counts 60 seconds per minute, that’s its fixed threshold for time keeping and can’t be manipulated. The Threshold of the metronome can be manipulated as the user wants it as well as being sped up too.

The metronome has two distinct sounds and basically counts like this

The tack indicates a new start of count while the tick is the normal counts.

If you could remember clearly in the “elements of music” lesson, we said that rhythm is the duration of a note (timing of a note)

We can choose to time the first four notes of the C major scale “C, D, E, F” for each count below.

You can download the digital metronome from Google playstore or simply use the inbuilt one on your keyboard (find the metronome button).

Below is the download link to download metronome for your android device.

Click here to download Metronome App

You can also extend the number of counts to any number (count) of your choice depending on the maximum allowed on your metronome. You can as well reduce it to 1.

You will be able to know when it starts from one by a distinct sound (doesn’t have to be “tack”).

Let me show you how to use your metronome real quick for your major scales practice and you can apply that for your chromatic scale as well but don’t forget your finger placements.


A major scale basically has 8 notes Which mean that we are going to use 8 counts.

C (1) – D (2) – E (3) – F (4) – G (5) -A (6) – B (7) – C (8 or 1) [8 in this case when counting]


Search for and Download “digital metronome” for android on Google Play Store. Most keyboards has metronome too which means you can use same settings for the app on it.

After downloading the app please open it.


Press the up or down button until your screen shows 60bpm.


Now press the beat button until the colored dots on the screen is eight.



Finally press play and hear the sound not forgetting the dots, how it moves and how it sounds.


Have it in mind that number 1 will be “tack” while the rest will be “tick”. Have it in mind that there might be no real tick or tack sounds in there but I am only try to tell you that there are two distinct sound to listen for. Number 1 will be distinct from the rest.


Metronome count for Major scales

Where x=tick and X=tack


I hope you remember your major scale finger placement.


So please play your major scale with a note to a count (each “tick” and “tack” for 1). Repeat over and over.

When you keep practicing all major scales in this way using the metronome, you sound uniform since it’s a note per count. You also build your accuracy and precision because you are using the right finger placements.

Try this for your chromatic scales too.

In the next lesson we will talk about how to speed up your scales.

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