We all want to be Fast and Accurate


Making it Fast

Making things fast is very easy with the metronome.

Everyone knows that,

“A person who completes a piece of work in 60seconds is slower than a person who does in 30 seconds”

So also for instance,

You played the major scale for 8 counts on the metronome and another person took half of 8 counts which are 4 counts to play it, he/she is faster than you.

It’s simple,

Simply divide 8 by 2= 4

Go to your metronome and reduce it to 4 counts and play two notes to a count.

Here it is,

You can still play faster by dividing 4 by 2= 2.

This means you play four notes to a count.

On the Android metronome app I referred you to download, please ensure your screen shows number 60bpm constantly.

The dots above are the beats you can change by touching beat button.

Actually the bpm (beats per minute) can make things faster but your accuracy might be altered as it works directly like a clock being triggered to run faster (deals with just tempo alone). But changing the beats (counts) makes you aware of the notes to play per count. So I advise you to leave it as 60bpm and change the beats to counts like 8, 4 or even 2 for accurate practice.

You will be able you use bpm when the time comes (I wouldn’t have to tell you).


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