What are Music Notes?


Notes of Music

Every single key of the keyboard has 7 unique notes embedded in them.

This means that:

Key C has 7 unique notes

Key Db has 7 unique notes too

Key D has 7 unique notes also.

Keep doing this till you get to key B.

The difference between a key and note is that a key is like the home or family that shelters the members of the family (notes) at a particular moment while Notes are just members of a particular key.

To illustrate more on this, just consider it like a family that has a particular Surname every member bears.

The surname is the Key name.

The 7 unique notes are individual members of that particular family with different names but bear the same surname.

Joshua is the 3rd son of Okposo.

G is the 5th note of key C.

Remember that we have 12 unique keys in music. Hence each will have its own 7 unique notes (members)

The names of each notes varies from key to key but they can be generalized using the Tonic Solfa Do,Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Ti [Do]


On every key:

Do is the first note

Re is the second note

Mi is the third note

Fa is the fourth note

Sol is the fifth note

La is the sixth note

Ti is the seventh note

The Do,Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Ti [Do] highlights the Tonic Solfa representation of the Major Scale. The Major Scale is the Home scale of any key you are in because it contains all the notes in that particular key. However, we will deal with Major scales in a separate topic.

But on the Key of C the Major scale (all notes) is:


It differs from the Key of F

But you can clearly see that the numbers and tonic solfas remains intact. However the only thing that changes is the actual note been played on the physical keyboard. For sure Key F Major scale up there will sound completely different from key C Major scale.

In summary, we have 12 unique keys just as we have 12 disciples of Jesus.

Each of the 12 keys has 7 members. These members refers to the 7 unique notes Do,Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Ti [Do].

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