Your First Songs


A little fun with the Notes

I forgot to tell you in the previous lesson that the 7 unique notes have different roles they play in a particular key.

Take a look at the typical family. The father provides funds, shelter, food and security to the family.

The Mother is in-charge of the kitchen, close grooming of the kids and so on.

The kids assist the mother with different chores and errands.

In all these, they make the family more interesting and they live together happily. How will it feel like if the Father isn’t there?

Bad, right? YES!

So in essence driving the point back home, every note of the 7 unique notes in a particular has their different roles to play and that is what makes our music complete and interesting.

Now we are going to use from the 7 unique notes in the key of C major to play some few songs.

We will only play the Melodies of each song (Remember that melody means the recognizable tune of a song)

First of all let’s highlight the C Major scale first (the 7 unique notes)

Now, play each note under for the appropriate word above it. Some words are segmented with hyphens hence play the direct note under it.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Ma-ry  had   a     li-ttle lamb

E     D    C      D    E   E      E


li-ttle   lamb

D D       D


li-ttle lamb

E G     G


Ma-ry  had  a   li-ttle lamb

E     D    C    D   E   E      E


It’s fleece was white as snow

C       D       D        E     D     C


Twinkle Little Star

Twin-kle Twin-kle

C     C     G    G

Li-ttle Star

A A    G

How I won-der

F      F  E       E

What you are

D         D     C

Up a-bove the

G   G    F     F

World So high

E          E    D

Like a dia-mond

G    G  F      F

In the Sky

E    E    D

Twin-kle Twin-kle

C      C   G     G

Li-ttle Star

A A    G

How I won-der

F      F   E      E

What you are

D         D     C

kudos, you just played your first songs

***Watch Video Tutorial

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